Goji Fudge Bites

This treat started out as a “two ingredient” cookie dough ball. They ended up getting chocolate added to them, of course and then became a fudge square with a chocolate glaze and a goji berry on top for a pop of color. This is so simple and has a great texture! I cut them small, just enough for a treat. I may try and pass them off on friends saying they’re just chocolate bites…

Goji Fudge Bites
Serves about 12 (depending on the size)

1 cup prunes (or dates)
1 cup coconut
2-4 Tblsp. cocoa (or raw cocoa powder)
Handful of Cacao nibs

Chocolate Glaze:
About a 1/3 cup chocolate chips (okay, I just put a handful in a microwaveable dish)
1/2 Tblsp. vegetable oil*

Goji Berries (Sun dried. I use Navitas Naturals brand because that’s what my mom gave me)
Pinch salt

Microwave prunes (or dates) for about 30 seconds. Puree in food processor or blender with coconut and cocoa until forming a ball. Add more cocoa to taste. I liked more. (Shocker, I know). Form into a square. I rolled, or more accurately smushed, the mixture in between plastic wrap until I got a decent size five year old drawing looking square.

Microwave chocolate chips until melted. MAYBE 20 seconds. Stir in vegetable oil. Spread onto the square. Or in my case, spread the chocolate like a five year old painting while getting copious amounts on hands and fingers. Oops. I had to check it and make sure it tasted good, obviously. Score with a knife into smaller squares. Place one or two goji berries on top. Sprinkle lightly with salt.

Cut and enjoy! These are good room temperature or out of the fridge. I bet they’d even be good in the freezer.

*I would have preferred to use coconut oil to make this more of a hard crack shell like you get at the grocery store for ice cream, but did not have it on hand. Next time.

Inspiration: Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog


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